A 7-Module Online Course with 

 Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D. 

 Bestselling Author of Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark and Emotional Intimacy

& Iyeshka Farmer, RPC

Senior Teacher 

Discover practical skills and life-shifting insights to release you from the hidden forces that bind you, and awaken your clarity, power and true compassion. 

A deep sense of wellbeing fills you. You feel centered, strong, resilient. Your mind is quiet. Your heart open, vulnerable, full.

When challenges occur, you are confident of your skills to work with whatever arises in each moment, no matter how painful.

Imagine, this is what life could be like if you truly integrated and transformed the hidden influences that currently affect your happiness and effectiveness.

Our early traumas, our conditioning and the painful experiences of our lives, have all left their mark on us.

When we are unable to turn towards what is painful, unwanted or unlovable in us, it ends up getting pushed into the darkness of our subconscious, creating our shadow. 

 How can you know if your shadow is affecting your life?  Do you...

  • Find yourself in relationships that leave you heartbroken and confused, wondering why you keep making the same poor choices over and over.
  • Suffer from depression, anxiety, low energy, brain fog or emotional numbness
  • Avoid conflict. Even when your wellbeing needs you to stand up for yourself.
  • Escalate arguments, needing to be right and pushing to win, even when your heart tells you to stop.
  • Use your spirituality as a place to hide from your pain.
Shadow can show up anywhere in our lives and no one is exempt. It’s part of being human. And nothing to be ashamed of. 

When we are unconscious of our shadow, it can sabotage our best efforts, including our efforts to grow, transform and evolve. 

The unseen inner process of shadow profoundly alters your experience and your sense of the world around you.

It’s like stepping into a parallel universe that is more compassionate, welcoming and satisfying.

Our modern culture trains us to turn away from our pain, our shadow, and instead offers us unending distractions and medications to numb us to what really matters. Often encouraged to stick to the shallows of ‘normal’, we end up settling for a pale imitation of the vibrant life we were born to live.

The only way to get free from your shadow’s influence is to go deep, becoming truly intimate with it and learn how to integrate it and reclaim the lost power, identity, and joy that has been hiding within.

This is the journey we will begin together. 

Not a quick fix, not a fad – it’s a genuine path you can use for the rest of your life.

You deserve support in doing the inner work necessary to develop a healthy, skillful relationship to your shadow.

Much of your shadow developed very early in your life as a way to adapt to and cope with life circumstances.

Now that those early strategies, behaviors and beliefs no longer serve you, you need the skills to unearth them, heal them and reclaim your original core self. 

By the end of this course, you can expect to experience:

  • More Freedom from our conditioning (your ingrained programming)  
    You won't get rid of your conditioning, but instead you'll change how you relate to it, to the point where it no longer runs you.
  • An enhanced capacity for intimacy and healthy relationships
    The better you know your shadow, the less likely it is to sabotage or obstruct your relationships. 
  • A fuller, more grounded and awakened sense of wholeness
    Working with your shadow allows you to align your physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions.
  • The ability to make better use of difficult conditions  
    You will begin to stop acting out your old wounds, and stop viewing your pain as a problem. You will know where your pain is coming from – and what to do with it. 
  • Increased vitality
    Keeping your shadow out of sight and muted consumes lots of energy. Exploring and working with it actually takes less energy than suppressing and avoiding it.
  • Deepened capacity for activism 
    As your actions (or inaction) no longer arise from your unexamined shadow, you will be able to take needed stands and show up much more fully for your life and the world.

My Story and Personal Invitation to You .

When I first became aware of my shadow, I treated it as an intellectual curiosity only, keeping my distance from it. When I was brought closer to it — resisting mightily — by some devastating circumstances, I saw things in myself I felt far from comfortable with, like my attachment to avoiding being vulnerable. Now, spurred by heartbreak, I was beginning to feel at least some of what was in my shadow.

And my shadow clearly was no small thing; the more I stepped into its darkness, wearing my attention like a miner’s headlamp, the more I saw.

No longer could I so easily turn away from my shadow. I had begun to shift out of automatic. And I was just beginning, even as I mistook my small steps into my shadow for huge strides. Part of my shadow that I did not recognize as shadow was my ambition to be done with shadow work.

This ambition, like the ulterior motives that sometimes underlay apparent virtues like honesty and care, remained in the dark until more very painful circumstances derailed me so strongly that I could no longer blind myself to it. And deep in my shadow I met my core shame and its roots, a shame I had tried to keep as removed from as possible.

Once it was out of my shadow— 25 years ago — and I stopped letting it mutate into aggression and emotional withdrawal, I felt both immense relief and immense grief.

This was the major turning point in working with my shadow; such work was now not a sideline pursuit, but rather an absolutely central undertaking.

A new path emerged for me: cultivating intimacy with everything that I am, including my shadow.
There is no end point for me in this, but rather an endless deepening and awakening, so that shadow work for me is no longer a periodic practice, but a way of life seamlessly connected to everything else that matters to me.

My work is now devoted to supporting others in uncovering and integrating their shadow. I see shadow work as critical to our survival in these times. It is imperative that more of us find the courage to dive deep and do the necessary work.

I have begun training the next generation of shadow workers. Iyeshka has studied with me over the past decade and she has delved deep into her own shadows. She is now an expert guide in helping others transform their shadows and their lives.

I invite you to join us for this journey into intimacy with all that you are – into full-blooded aliveness, and a joy that is stronger than the challenges of living and dying.

— Robert

 What Luminaries are Saying about Robert’s Work...

Robert Masters' “Knowing Your Shadow” is a terrifically well-done and very useful guide to one’s shadow, teaching ways to re-own and integrate it, and exercises for doing so. Everybody has a shadow, which means this product is for you, me, everybody.

Ken Wilber, Founder of Integral Institute & author of The Integral Vision

Robert is a true master of integrated consciousness. His work is quintessential for the times we live in and paramount for real transformation to take root and blossom.

Sianna Sherman, founder of Rasa Yoga and Mythic Flow Yoga

Robert makes an impressive contribution to culture through his long-term study and writing on how important deep shadow work is – not only for our wellbeing and joy in life, but also to confront the bypassing we find so often in spiritual communities. He engages us in a vital and deep exploration of the composition and potential integration of our shadows into a life of openness, love, and true compassion.

– Thomas Hübl, International teacher

Whether we like it or not, our unacknowledged and repressed self--our shadow--dictates much of our lives, including our actions, emotions, and reactions. Robert teaches us how to emerge from shadow--individual, generational, and cultural--into the light of awareness and freedom.

Gabor Mate, M.D.,  author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Here's What You'll Learn  

Module 1: Pull Back the Curtain: Understanding How Your Shadow Works

In order to break free from the grip of your shadow, you need to first understand what it is, how it shows up in your life everyday, where it comes from, and how it acts on you. Learning how to recognize your shadow and how to work with it skillfully and compassionately, is key to beginning your practice. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The signs that shadow is acting in your life
  • The foundational skills and personal practices for shadow work (overview)
  • How fusion and identification keep you stuck
  • How to identify addiction, distraction and other ways we numb ourselves
  • How to develop your courage and intuition...best practices for shadow work


  1. Meditation for Establishing Grounded Spaciousness
  2.  Somatic Noticing Instruction

Module 2: Reveal the Reactivity: Facing Your Pain & Growing Your Resources

Working with your shadow requires you to be willing to turn towards what is painful. The first step you will take is learning how to notice, name, and skillfully work with your reactivity. In this module, you’ll discover:

  •  How to deepen your capacity to recognize the many forms of reactivity
  • What you do with your Pain, Understanding your Reactivity
  • The practice of Conscious Relating
  • Tools for building your resilience
  • The role of Boundaries and cultivating an empathic shield 


  1. Waking up during reactivity
  2. Guided Meditation on Gratitude

Module 3: End the Drama: Disarming the Inner Critic and Saboteur

Your inner critic is responsible for much of your inner pain and conflict. Unaddressed, it can create true inner hell. Learn to hear it, name it, confront it and silence it. Finding yourself repeating disruptive and costly patterns over and over again is the result of your inner saboteur. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • What’s the nature and origin of the inner critic
  • How the inner critic affects your ability to work with your shadow
  • Effective ways to quiet your inner critic
  • What the Guilt Cycle is and how to cut it
  • How you self-sabotage and the cycle of the underdog


  1. Guided Practice: Encountering Your Inner Critic
  2. Guided Practice: Sniffing out the Saboteur

Module 4: Find the Origins: Connecting with Your Inner Child & Working with Dreams

Your shadow begins forming very early in your childhood. Learning to connect with your Inner Child and your early experiences is a key skill for freeing you from the effects of shadow. Dreams are very efficient communicators of what is happening in you at a deep level. Learning to work skillfully with them provides you with powerful insight. You’ll discover:

  •  Your Inner Child...what it is, how it can show up, how to work with it
  • How to overcome common obstacles when working with the Inner Child
  • Key practices for Inner Child work
  • Why remembering your dreams matters…how to remember your dreams.
  • Ways of working with dreams as psycho-emotional landscapes


  1. Guided Meditation for working with the Inner Child
  2. Guided practice for working with dreams

Module 5: Walk with Trembling and Tears: Befriending Your Fear and Grief

Fear is one of the first emotions you encounter when you begin working with shadow. Learn how to decentralize your fear and explore how to move forward even as you feel it. Grief is unavoidable in life if you love. Suppressing it can stunt you and bar you from joy. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to recognize and work with fear, anxiety and your sense of danger
  • How to approach your fear of dying
  • How to identify when grief is in your shadow; allowing grief full expression
  • When sadness covers other emotions
  • Collective fear and grief and what that means for you


  1. Guided practice: Turning towards fear
  2. Guided practice: Turning towards sadness

Module 6: Meet the Fury and the Fire: Transforming Anger and Shame

Anger is the most maligned emotion and shame is the most ignored. Healthy anger is the guardian of your boundaries; you need it to protect your vulnerable self and the Inner Child. Shame can run most of your behavior, even though you may seldom be aware of it. Learn to reframe and re-integrate these powerful allies. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to discern between Anger and Aggression
  • The four ways of working with anger
  • How to work with anger and shame in relationships
  • The distinction between Healthy vs Toxic Shame
  • How to develop Shame Mastery...and see humility as freedom


  1. Guided Practice: Meeting Anger
  2. Guided Practice: Meeting Shame

Module 7: Ground in Source: Spiritual Bypassing & the Shadow of Shadow Work

Your spirituality is another place you can hide from shadow. Even paths of great wisdom and power can be the hiding place of bypassing, shaming and abuse. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • What spiritual bypassing is and the shadow of your spirituality
  • How to encounter your Bigness and Beauty
  • The essential practice of self-honesty
  • The Ground of Being; anchoring yourself in your core
  • How to integrate all of this and move forward in your life


  1. Guided practice: Self honesty
  2. Guided meditation: Opening to your full size and connecting with your Source

Learning at your own pace, where you want, when you want.

Each of the seven modules begins with a one hour teaching video where we discuss the main content for each module. After you've watched the teaching, you will access your personal Learning Journal that will be your guide through the lesson--taking you through the recorded additional 90-min coaching session, Q&A, and guided practices. Also, the Learning Journal contains homework to support you in practicing, integrating, and embodying the skills you will learn in each module. 

Add: Online Group Consultation 

To support you in your journey through the course, we are making available an optional LIVE online group consultation with Iyeshka Farmer. These monthly consultations will be held virtually, on Zoom for 90 minutes. You can bring your questions and share your experience of your learning in the course with other participants. You may also (as time allows) receive short sessions of direct guidance/therapy from Iyeshka for personal challenges you are working to break through.

Each month, you will be charged $14.97 for these interactive online group calls. Each consultation will be held on the first Thursday of each month. The first call will be held on Thursday, November 5th at 4:00 pm Pacific | 7:00 pm Eastern time. You can add this optional support to your cart during checkout. We will send you additional information including the Zoom link to access the calls in your confirmation email.

What Students Are Saying About Working With Robert & Iyeshka . . .

Iyeshka’s way of working with shadow and difficult feelings inspired me to fully dive into my process, which helped me to break through old patterns that have held me back. I felt in her presence a profound commitment to this work, and a warm, tender and loving way of being with such challenging experiences

Shayla Wright, therapist and transformational coach

To work with the very best in any field is rare. Working with Robert is such an opportunity. Robert holds a space of incredible safety, love, and freedom that enables the willing and courageous to reach into their own depths and mine gold. 
Luke Adler, Dr. of Chinese Medicine and author of Born to Heal

Robert offers an astounding container. With his skill and laser-like insight, I moved through a dark “settling for less” place and found diamonds in that mud. I know where I’m going now. 
Zoe Alowan, author of We Need Each Other, artist, community leader

Working with Robert was like doing a decade of traditional therapy in one week. The healing I’ve done with Robert has been, hands down, the most significant healing experience of my life. It has unlocked and unleashed me into the life I’ve always know I was born to live.

–   Justin Michael Williams, author of Stay Woke

In Iyeshka’s workshop, I experienced an expanding relaxation I hadn’t felt for at least 25 years and an existential serenity which lasted for more than a month afterwards. With her acute perception and artful technique, Iyeshka is a perfect teacher to help us look at our shadows with compassion
Dawn Zhang, PhD., College Instructor, Beijing


Bonus Video Workshop

Relationship Rx: A Special Recorded 3-Hour Workshop with Iyeshka (value: $350)

 Join Iyeshka Farmer for a dive into the dynamics of relationships. Learn the ways shadow can be operating and damaging your most important connections.  In this workshop you’ll:

  • Understand the roots of co-dependence and why it is so destructive to happiness.
  • Explore skills to help you receive anger, handle shame and confront fear well.
  • Practice easy techniques for increasing connection that help to reduce conflict and escalation.

Additional Bonuses 

O Breathe Us Deep Music Album (digital) — by Diane Bardwell with lyrics by Robert Augustus Masters

This exquisite album is the result of great love. Diane’s love of music that heals, Robert’s love of poetry, their love for each other, and their dedication to ending the suffering of others. The songs on this album speak to the soul. Our deepest self is invited forward with themes both intensely intimate and universal. Diane’s voice opens the heart and soothes the wounded one inside. This is truly music that supports your healing and awakening journey. The perfect companion to working with your shadow.

Until Our Song is Fully Sung Poetry Book — Lyrics and Prose Poetry by Robert Augustus Masters (value $20)

This book is an homage to Robert’s life-long passion for capturing the ineffable, the sacred, the intimate, in words. This collection contains poems directly addressing the experience of awakening from shadow and falling into the arms of The Beloved.

This book will take you on a rare journey into the mind, heart, and soul of awakening. Inside you’ll find...

  • Each Deep Parting
  • Riding a Wave of Everlasting Morning (prose poem)
  • Until Love’s All My Body Can Say
  • The Feeling of Being
    . . . And over a hundred more poems and songs.

15 Guided Meditations for Supporting Your Shadow Work (value: $97)

These guided meditations recorded by Robert will support you in the work with your shadow and help you recognize more of your true nature. Each meditation will take you on a journey of discovery into intimate contact with aspects of your core self. You will be expertly and gently guided so that you can touch into tender emotional spaces with compassion and confidence. Selected meditations include:

Meet Your Guides: Robert & Iyeshka

Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D.

 Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D., is a relationship expert, psychospiritual therapist and trainer, with a doctorate in psychology. His bestselling books include Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark, Emotional Intimacy, Spiritual Bypassing and To Be a Man. His work blends the psychological, emotional, physical and social with the spiritual, emphasizing deep embodiment and the development of relational maturity. He has been working with and teaching about shadow for nearly 40 years, and has transformed the lives of thousands of people through his breakthrough shadow work approach.

Iyeshka Farmer, RPC

Iyeshka Farmer, RPC, is a Registered Professional Counsellor, psychotherapist, and trauma healing specialist in private practice. A professional trainer, consultant and internationally recognized facilitator, she is Director and Senior Teacher with the Masters Center for Transformation. She has worked and studied with Robert Augustus Masters and Diane Bardwell Masters since 2008. Iyeshka specializes in working with trauma, intergenerational healing, and women’s shadow.  Recently, she has been leading Breakthrough Shadow Groups for women in China.   

Reclaim Your Authentic Self by Integrating Your Shadow

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